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Mochi & Gouda Cheese Okonomiyaki

Mixed Seafood Okonomiyaki

Pork Okonomiyaki

Pork & Kimchi Okonomiyaki

Shrimp Okonomiyaki

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Bacon & Cheese Okosoba

Beef and Negi (spring onion) Okosoba

Traditional Osaka Okosoba

Pork Okosoba

Mixed Seafood Okosoba

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Mixed Seafood Yakisoba

Beef Kalbi Sukiyaki Yakisoba

Pork Yakisoba

Paitan Ramen with Chicken Tempura

All-Star Takoyaki

Teppan Pork Gyoza

Chicken Karaage (Garlic Flavor)


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SM Mall of Asia

Ground Floor North Wing Enertainment Mall

near IMAX

 For Reservation

Tel: (02) 877-0137

Mobile: (+63) 0917-6260780


Store Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 10am - 11pm

Friday - Saturday 10am - 12mn


SM Megamall

3rd Floor The Mega Atrium

For Reservation

Mobile: (+63) 0917-6224357


Store Hours:

Monday - Sunday 10am - 10pm


Robinsons Galleria

2nd Level, Lower Veranda near Paper Moon

For Reservation

Tel: (02) 637-7710

Mobile: (+63) 0917-6238112


Store Hours:

Monday - Sunday 10am - 10pm

Ayala Malls Cloverleaf

Level 3, Food Choices

For Reservation

Tel: (02) 624-5402

Mobile: (+63) 0917-7132678


Store Hours:

Monday - Sunday 10am - 10pm


Ayala Malls Vertis North

Level 4, Japan Town

For Reservation

Tel: (02) 968-1511

Mobile: (+63) 0917-7737245


Store Hours:

Monday - Sunday 10am - 10pm

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about us

BOTEJYU: Japan's Pioneer  Okonomiyaki and Okosoba Specialty Restaurant Chain


BOTEJYU was established in 1946 in the gourmet city of Tamade, Osaka by Eikichi Nishino. Our restaurant name, BOTEJYU, was coined from the rhythmic cooking sound of okonomiyaki. The first part of the name, "BOTE" comes from the flipping sound of the okonomiyaki and the second part of the name, "JYU", represents the sizzling sound as it cooks on the teppan grill. Since our establishment more than 70 years ago, we have taken pride in our restaurant name and have protected it by registering it as a trademark.


As an okonomiyaki specialty restaurant representing Japan, we are particular about each and every ingredient that goes into our food. Our policy is “crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside”.  This batter is a result of many year of development. This batter is made mixing the carefully ground premium flour with our natural broth ( squid, shrimp, bonito, kelp). This special batter allows us to produce flavor, aromatic and crispy okonomiyaki.


The pride and care taken in selecting our ingredients allow us to bring out the full flavor of each ingredient, and is the foundation for what BOTEJYU is today.

Post-War Osaka and the Establishment of BOTEJYU


Despite the harsh conditions after the war, BOTEJYU opened its first restaurant in 1946 in Tamade, Osaka. The emerging black markets in Osaka carried supplies and provision from America that were unloaded at Osaka and Kobe ports. Amongst these supplies was American flour was mixed with water to make pancake as an alternative staple food. Faced with food shortage, this simple, easy-to-cook and nutritious recipe quickly spread among the people in Osaka. The technique of mixing flour with water dates back before the war in traditional Japan, but the living circumstances after the war influenced the evolvement of flour-based food as a staple dish in Osaka.


Daily supplies used by the Occupation Army and rationed goods were the object of adoration during this time. Nishino, the founder of BOTEJYU, set his eyes on a particular item, the “mayonnaise” a condiment that until then was used only to flavor cold food. After repeated trials and error, he managed to sell mayonnaise as an okonomiyaki topping at his restaurant. Dressing okonomiyaki with mayonnaise is a common practice now, but it was BOTEJYU that first came up with the concept.


Japan soon entered a period of rapid economic growth , and it was during this era when the “modernyaki” or OKOSOBA was born. To meet the customer needs at that time, BOTEJYU developed many new items and came up with OKOSOBA, which consolidated both okonomiyaki and yakisoba into one dish.


Japan’s Local Specialty Gourmet Food and Regional Revitalization


BOTEJYU has been instrumental in spreading and establishing the Japanese Worcestershire sauce cuisine, a local specialty of Osaka. With hopes of having as many people enjoy the taste of Osaka, we have opened branches in shopping centers and malls that are readily accessed by many people.


As in Osaka, there are many regions throughout Japan that have local specialty cuisine that are loved by the local people. Utilizing our know-how and assets, we at BOTEJYU are promoting the spread of local specialty gourmet food and supporting regional revitalization, aiming to offer authentic local specialty food from various regions throughout Japan to our customers.


Meeting Global Needs and Introducing Japanese Soul Food to the World


Japanese food has been recognized by the world as a sophisticated cuisine. There are many distinctive features of Japanese cuisine such as “the quality of the ingredients”, “healthiness”, “beautiful presentation” and “hospitality”. Japanese food has become popular around the world as people appreciate these qualities. Japanese food is an important part of our culture that represents the long history of our country.


Unfortunately, however, there are many restaurants that are offering “Japanese-style” food that is not authentic Japanese cooking. It is our hope to deliver “authentic Japanese taste” to as many people as possible by aggressively opening branches abroad. In addition to our branches in Japan, we currently have overseas branches in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and soon in the Philippines.

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